The Stranger – 異邦人

  • The stranger by The Imai Brothers, 今井兄弟による美術作品「異邦人」

photo by Teturo Ikeda

The Stranger

Shota Imai, Shunya Imai
Bamboo, Plaster and Hemp string

This work was set up in a park with a big lake called Sakata Park, which is a wetland registered under the Ramsar Convention. I associated ripples of water from rain falling down on a huge sand dunes lake, spring water, landing on the water of birds and so on. I created this works by relating the way of cutting bamboo grown this area into small circles and join them into big circles to the fact that Sakata is composed by drips of water. I artificially jointed bamboo using hemp strings, and in the center I set up a plaster image showing human existence which looks heterogeneous for this place. By comparing those three, the work, the nature and viewers, it makes us think about the relationship between the area and human beings.




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